What is the best way to contact us?

The best way to contact us is via email or the online form located on the "Contact Us" page. By providing us some details of what you are looking for, we can better match our services to you, but please always feel free to contact us via phone if you wish.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes. We require all bookings to pay a deposit. This will ensure that your date is secured. The deposit is payable at the time of booking and varies depending on the total amount of your booking.

  • Bookings of $400+ = 25%
  • Bookings of under $400 = 50%

Any booking requiring specialty equipment or location costs etc will incure additional fees.

When is full payment required by?

Unless prior arrangements have been made with us, full payment is always due no later than one week prior to your booking date.

How long after my shoot or event until my photos are ready?

Generally, we advise that you can expect delivery of your photos within 5-7 weeks after your booking. However, if you have purchased any extras such as prints or an album, additional delivery time may be required.

If you have asked for a social media set to be made, they will be avaliable within 48 hours

Do I have to sign a model release or contract?

Yes. We have a contract that sets out all our terms and conditions. Our contracts are designed to reflect the requirements of each booking and are normally emailed or presented to you after our first meeting. The contract provides protection for both our clients and us. As such, we will not accept any bookings without a signed contract or acceptance email.

I'm under 18. Can I still book a shoot?

You can. However, our policy regarding anyone under 18 years of age means that a parent or legal guardian must be present at the shoot and must sign the Model Release form/Contract on your behalf.

Can you help me select a location or theme for my shoot?

We are always happy to provide advice on venues and themes for our clients. A few things to keep in mind when choosing a location are:

  • Access to the location for all parties
  • Costs involved
  • Permission to shoot at the venue
  • Public liability & Insurance